Why Cars Are One of The Biggest Headaches After Death

Updated: Sep 15

Heirs are entitled to receive their inheritance, but this process is not as cut and dry and one would expect. At Tooher Law, we work on many issues related to heir inheritance. We address everything ranging from inheritance issues when parents were never married, to family conflict, and even blended family conflicts. Tooher Law is well-versed on the issues at hand and can help guide you through some of the most complex inheritance issues.

Although vehicles are often the smallest item in an estate, they often are difficult to administer and transfer. In some cases, vehicles assets can propel individuals into probate because they are kicked over the "Small Estate" threshold. At Tooher Law, we know how to approach vehicles of all kinds in the estate plan to make later administration simple and speedy. If you miss the opportunity to plan for vehicle transfers during estate planning, give us a call to see what options you have for transferring those assets after death. We may even be able to help you avoid probate!

Author: Emily Gale Tooher, Owner of Tooher Law, PLLC

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