The Check List

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Estate plans, wills, trusts, employment contracts, employment handbooks, and more can be a checklist item.  Once done, they go in the drawer and we hope to never have to use them or look at them again.  These plans are an investment.  An insurance policy so to speak.  However, like market investment strategies, they need to be reviewed to take into account changes in the economy, risk tolerance, growth goals and a number of other changes.

Estate plans, wills, and contracts are much the same.  If they are going to serve us when we need them the most - during times of crisis and conflict - they have to stay updated and relevant to your life circumstances.

At Tooher Law, we offer annual refresher plans to ensure your relevant documents continue to serve your needs.  Take your plan out of the drawer, and we will provide a review and recommendations for just $250 per contract.  If your plan needs to be re-done, we will credit the $250 towards any updates we complete for you.

Author: Emily Gale Tooher, Owner of Tooher Law, PLLC

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