Why Correct Business Formation is Key

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

I get tagged in posts every week on social media and other online platforms regarding business/entity formation, and there is usually someone either directly above or below that comment offering a "cheaper" or "better" answer. Usually, the comment reads something along the lines of, "You can just create your LLC online yourself. It is really cheap and easy." Every time I see those comments, my spine tingles. I think about the people I can't help - the people who won't spend the money to do it correctly - the people who are subjecting themselves and their loves ones to liability.

It is true that not every business owners needs to worry about forming an entity perfectly. In fact, at Tooher Law, we will let you know whether you can get by without our help and do it yourself (if your entity doesn't really need the guidance of a lawyer). However, we live in a greedy litigious world. The hardest Client is one who tells me they wish they had come to me sooner, when it wasn't too late. I have far too many Clients who did not shield assets properly, were sued, and they lost their entire business - and in some instances, even their home. These Clients lost everything. All to save a few dollars on the front end.

Please don't wait until it is too late. At Tooher Law, we treat you like family. We are always available to offer quick tips on entity formation that could save you everything. It's worth the time - yours and mine.

Author: Emily Gale Tooher, Owner of Tooher Law, PLLC

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