The Small Business Growth Package

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The journey to start a small business can often feel like a ride on a roller coaster.  Scraping up the money, getting the pieces in place, and then suddenly or steadily….growth.  While revenue growth brings prosperity, it can also bring the headaches that keep business owners lying awake at night:  LIABILITY! LIABILITY! LIABILITY!

  • What if a customer or employee is injured?

  • What if I made a gentleman’s agreement…. And now the other person is being far from a gentleman?

  • Am I complying with laws and regulations…. They seem to be constantly changing!

  • Am I paying enough taxes….Am I paying too many taxes?

  • And the list goes on...

I have owned and operated multiple small businesses throughout my career, and I experienced first hand the growing pains and risks that come with success, including my ventures with my own law firm.  I developed a business assessment tool to ensure that you have all the pieces in place to continue your growth - with less “surprises.”

How It Works:  ROI Method (Return on Investment, but Recommend, Operationalize and Improve)


  • I do a thorough assessment of your business;

  • I analyze your Entity Status, Formation Filing and Documents;

  • I review Tax Filings and Book Keeping;

  • I Check Your Contracts, Waivers, and Employee Agreements; and

  • I Conduct Business Specific Risk Analysis.


  • I work with you to operationalize any urgent changes critical to minimizing liability or ensuring compliance.


  • I create a long term game plan to make any additional agreed upon improvements to ensure your business has a solid foundation for continued growth.


Give us a call to schedule your initial consult and to receive our written recommendations specific to your business circumstance. 

I am offering my business R&R (Review & Recommendation) phase for $999.  Don’t lie awake worrying, get recommendations from specialists!

Author: Emily Gale Tooher, Owner of Tooher Law, PLLC

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